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Hidden Gem: Riesen Candy

I think the first time I had a piece of Riesen candy was yesterday and let me tell you something, “It was good!”

I’m not sure why it isn’t a more popular candy, so I decided to do some research on the old interwebs.

It was only introduced to the U.S. in 1991. That partially explains why it isn’t as popular as I think it should be. Plus, it orginated in Germany and everyone knows that one should be skeptical of anything from Europe;)

Wikipedia also mentions the “Riesen for the Post-Season Hot Chocolate.” “Riesen for the Post-Season Hot Chocolate” was first brewed in Boston, Massachusetts during the winter of 2007 as a way to stay warm and celebrate the AFC champion New England Patriots. The drink is prepared by melting the candies over medium heat in a small saucepan, adding one cup of milk per candy. Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg to taste. For a little extra kick to the holidays, pour one shot of Kahlúa liqueur per cup.

I know what I’ll be making during the first snowfall of the year.

Do you have a favorite candy that you think should be more popular or can never find? Share the sweet love.

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